I read Mr. Al Avitabile’s recent letter to the editor trying to defend the condition of some Yorktown parks by falling on the sword for Supervisor Gilbert. This political two-step is that we see in Washington, Albany and now right here in Yorktown. I think the taxpayers have had enough.

When questioned about the parks poor conditions by multiple news outlets, Supervisor Gilbert never once referred them to the unelected and unaccountable Parks Commission. Supervisor Gilbert even provided an update in his report during the June 18 Town Board Meeting, again never referring to the Parks Commission.

First, Supervisor Gilbert blamed the rain, and then he blamed staff shortage. Mr. Avitabile is trying to cover up the lack of leadership in the supervisor’s office by saying it’s not his job; it’s the Commission’s failure.

By the way, who is the chair of the Commission? It’s Town Clerk Diana Quast, who’s up for re-election this November. The Gilbert administration should be reminded the cover up is always worse than the truth.