The issues facing our community, our country and our planet are numerous and incredibly complicated. Determining the appropriate actions that government must take in finding solutions takes the strength of even the most intelligent, ethical and wise leader. Such leaders should arduously sift through the available information, weighing their own inclinations with those of experts in the field as well as the views of their most trusted advisors. We expect our elected officials, on all levels of government, but especially in the White House, to both possess these qualities and make that effort.

Applying the standard of intelligent, ethical and wise to the present occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. leaves anyone with an ounce of decency and acumen dramatically disappointed and fundamentally afraid. Although it seems that every news cycle brings to the forefront more evidence of the sorry state of affairs of our country, there were two incredible developments this past week that deserve to be highlighted.

First, there were important revelations by the founders of the research firm Fusion, Glenn R. Simpson and Peter Fritsch. They revealed that they had provided a congressional investigatory committee, behind closed doors, 21 hours of sworn testimony wherein they outlined evidence uncovered in their investigation of Donald Trump’s ties to Russia. Fusion told the committee that they had reached out to Christopher Steele, a well-known and well-respected former British M16 intelligence officer, without telling him who hired them, and gave him one and only question to answer: Why did Mr. Trump repeatedly seek to do deals in a notoriously corrupt police state that most serious investors shunned?

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