YORKTOWN, N.Y. – The town board has approved to waive the pool permit fees for local seniors 70 years and older. For residents, seasonal pool passes run between $145 and $625. Passes for seniors had been $10.

“Any time we can give back to our seniors for helping bring Yorktown to where it is today, we will try to do so,” said Supervisor Michael Grace in a press release. “Our seniors are such an important part of our community. This is just a small gesture of our appreciation for what they bring to our community.”

Also in the press release, Grace said it is the town’s goal to open a standalone senior center.

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It was the Senior Advisory Committee that pitched the idea of free swimming passes to town board liaisons Councilman Ed Lachterman and Mary Capoccia.

“This is a great thing for the seniors of our town who deserve to be recognized for all they have given to our community,” said Jennie Menton, member of the Senior Advisory Committee. “Simple gestures that come at little to no cost to local taxpayers that help our seniors are important for our community.

Rosemarie Panio, member of the Senior Advisory Committee, added “The Senior Advisory Committee’s goal is to reach out to all seniors in the community and be sure to enable them to enjoy the options available to them. We feel they pay quite a bit and have already been here for a number of years, some more than 50. Whenever we can, we plan to make life easier and less expensive so seniors can stay in the community. I applaud this program as a small gesture and hope our local seniors take full advantage.”