YORKTOWN, N.Y. - After the Planning Board held a public hearing on a proposed Taco Bell to be located in the old Thyme Restaurant and Snap Fitness building on Crompond Road, residents are that much closer to getting their Doritos Locos Tacos and chalupas fix.

Paul Dumont of JMC, the civil engineers overseeing the design, presented an overview of the project at the board meeting on Monday, July 13.

The applicant is in a contract to purchase the property along the busy strip and has proposed renovating the building on the 1.06-acre lot and convert it into a Taco Bell restaurant and drive-thru and retail space for a second tenant. 

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The drive-thru will lead to a right-turn-only curb-cut exit on the right side, or east, of the building that leads onto Route 202.

Renovations will be made to the outside of the building. The plan submitted by JMC calls for 40 parking spaces for the lot, where 49 parking spaces are required for retail use. 

“There is a provision in the town code that allows [the Planning Board] to waive up to 25 percent of required parking spaces, which we fall under,” Dumont said. 

A parking analysis reviewed peak hours of businesses and found it would have adequate parking space for the fast food restaurant, he said. 

Director of Planning John Tegeder agreed that the loss of nine spaces would not be an issue. 

Concerns of access to fire hydrants along Crompond Road were satisfied after the applicant and design team worked with the Bureau of Fire Prevention and the town fire inspector. The applicant had agreed to install a new fire hydrant on the property and will allow it to be used by other businesses along the strip, as well as the fire department.

A culvert that runs under the property has been inspected and was found to be in good condition.

Dumont confirmed that the applicant’s stormwater prevention plan has already been approved by the New York Department of Environmental Protection. The applicant proposes a disturbance in the wetlands to the east of the property for the restoration of a stormwater detention pond and the addition of plantings.

Dumont said that JMC is working with Evans Associates, the wetlands consultants that worked on the property when Taste of Italy was in that location. Dumont said that the new mitigation plan was presented to the Conservation Board and the issue was closed.

The design team is still in the process of working with the Department of Transportation on the curb cut. Dumont said that the DOT’s biggest concern is someone making a left out of the right-turn-only exit.

No one from the public spoke on the application at the public hearing. The Planning Board closed the hearing and opened a 10-day written comment period. 

The next Planning Board meeting will take place at 7 p.m. Monday, Aug. 10, when the board is expected to vote on the application.