Supervisor Michael Grace likes to say that “Yorktown is a big town with a small town feel.” From the residents’ perspective, it seems that “Yorktown is a big town starting to experience big city problems.”

Yorktown life now includes urban sprawl, car break-ins, traffic congestion, more concrete with less trees and wetlands, and apartment buildings springing up on residential streets. Ambitious politicians have pushed their own agendas, which often are in opposition to Yorktown residents’ quality of life concerns. Who are these politicians listening to and for whose benefit if not the taxpayer?

Where else but in Yorktown can a taxpayer go to town hall for help with a problem, have Supervisor Grace give his assurances that he’ll look into the matter, then wind up going up against Mr. Grace in court. So ironic that Supervisor Grace was covertly hired as the attorney for the very same company the taxpayer asked for help with. When news of his legal moonlighting became public, Supervisor Grace was quoted as calling the taxpayer who asked for his help a “dirt-bag.” Is this the best we can expect from Yorktown’s elected officials? If left unchecked, our current politicians will continue to morph Yorktown into “the city of Yorktown” complete with property devaluation and all the blemishes of city living.