Unfortunately, I have to write in again regarding the degradation that has been visited on the people of Yorktown.

Almost a year ago, Hilltop gas station was bought by a new owner and even though the site plan called for over 300 plantings, the new owner decided what was best for him and the used car lot he wanted to force on the citizens of Yorktown, was to raze all the required plantings and all the indigenous shrubs and trees. These included one 70-foot, one 60-foot and two 40-foot hardwood trees, and a 30-foot Weeping Willow tree. He also removed an 8-foot high fence that encircled the property. Even though he was told not to do anything else to the property, he took down 21 25-foot arborvitae and replaced them with nine 10-foot arborvitae so we could further appreciate his view of the beautification of Shrub Oak.

To this day, he still has cars lined up on Route 6 and on Main Street, even though he was instructed by the Town Board to move the cars because Town Code specifically states, “A gas station may not sell cars.”

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In the past weeks, he has put up multiple signs around the property without a permit and changed the permanent signage on the building without a permit or Planning Board approval, and in the last few days he put up a banner on the building right over his illegal used car lot. He came to the working session of the Town Board on July 6 with his vision of a 4-foot iron fence and small plantings, which in no way will hide the eyesore as the 8-foot fence and the thick vegetation has done. He also wants to install a canopy over the gas pumps so the station will stick out like a sore thumb. The town’s own Comprehensive Plan calls for a thick vegetative border on Route 6 to maintain a greenway to shield commercial buildings from sight and specifically points to the corner of Strawberry Road and Route 6 as an example.

He has offered to put up “Welcome to Shrub Oak” on the gas price sign as an olive branch, because he is going to ask for a zoning change that would allow him to sell used cars. I am asking the Town Board to listen to the will of the taxpayers of Yorktown and uphold the Town Code banning the sale of used cars so that we can maintain the small-town feeling that has taken generations to cultivate and not change the zoning to accommodate the profiteering of one individual at the expense of thousands of Yorktown residents. He has shown time and time again that he has no respect for the town of Yorktown, its elected officials or the residents, so why are we even entertaining his request to change the Town Code to suit his needs over the best interests of the Town?

It has been put forth by the certain members of the Town Board the he has invested a lot of money into his property and the supervisor himself stated the place looks great.

I ask, Has not every one of the thousands of residents of the town of Yorktown invested more than he has in the way of our life savings both financially and emotionally?

To the Town Board: A used car lot has no place in Shrub Oak. Please stand up for the residents.