At last week’s Yorktown town board meeting, something extraordinary happened: the board was compelled to listen to the people of Yorktown. A crowd of over 100 people showed up to oppose changes to the town’s law that protects wetlands. This law would have weakened the current protections beyond recognition. Over 30 people spoke against the changes, and no one other than Supervisor Grace spoke in favor of them.

The effort was successful! The board voted not to change the law—for now. This happened as a result of organizing by a grassroots group of Yorktown residents who want to see changes in town government. We must and shall continue to organize to protect the environment in Yorktown, to make our voices heard on many issues, and to keep the board from ignoring the “little” people in favor of the interests who currently command access at town hall. We are a grassroots group that is growing, and we invite others of like mind to join us. You can send an email to to get on our email list. Please join us!