I was flabbergasted at last Tuesday’s public hearing. As a citizen of the town of Yorktown, I am very upset at the way the revised tree law was passed. After the public hearing at which 22 people spoke about the need for changes in the revised law, the board saw no need for further talk and quietly passed the revised law.

Excellent points were raised, including that the Town Board must also get permits so the public knows what changes might occur on municipal land. Also, when land is developed, the law should require that the developer must mitigate. The issue of buffer zones between houses where trees are beneficial remains confusing. The number of trees that can be cut on a quarter-acre property is too great. Many other points were raised by informed and concerned people.

Tom Diana and Ed Lachterman did not respond to any concerns raised. Greg Bernard made a few comments and Mr. Grace spoke profusely. In the end, the revised law was passed.

What is the point of a public hearing if not to hear the public, then respond to their comments? There should have been another meeting to include the better points that were raised by citizens. To compromise and remain transparent is skillful governing.