Editor’s Note: Rob Puff is a Republican candidate for town board.

Last week, we had the opportunity to see leadership, forward thinking, and strategic vision at its finest with the unveiling of the proposed project of the state-of-the-art sports complex to be built at Granite Knolls. Every level of our government—the town board, planning board, architects and engineers, environmentalists, etc. should be applauded for putting together a thoughtful proposal that had every age and demographic across town in mind.

As a member of the conservation board, I had the opportunity to see this project in the earlier phases and the attention to detail the developers put in when selecting the site and the environmental consideration that was given to expand the natural footprint beyond its current state. For the first time, our town will be at the forefront of outdoor recreation—a coveted development that will be the envy of towns like ours all across the state. With fields that boast professional grade athletic turf, our recreation department can prepare sporting events for our youth that can largely take severe inclement weather out of the equation when determining if play can progress as scheduled. People of all ages can enjoy walking trails, pickleball, tennis, basketball, handball and a putting green.

And it can all be done with zero dollars coming from taxpayers thanks to the settlement negotiated with Enbridge. Using a $4.6 million sum from a closed lawsuit, our town board can see this vision come to fruition without asking for a penny from us, yet giving us increased home values and much needed recreation space in return. This is the type of leadership that needs to continue in town hall to keep Yorktown moving forward.