YORKTOWN, N.Y. - Average speeds on East Main Street between Lee Road and Hill Boulevard, the site of a proposed 150-unit rental community, are 15 mph greater than the posted limit, developers reported to the Town Board last week.

Though the traffic is an existing condition, Daniel Steinmetz, attorney for Diversified Properties, said the developer is willing to help remedy the situation, possibly contributing to a traffic light at the intersection of East Main Street and Hill Boulevard.

Philip Grealy, a traffic consultant for Diversified Properties, said fast speeds and site-line issues have contributed to accidents on that stretch of road. In addition to the traffic light, he recommended signage and road markings as potential traffic-calming measures.

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Diversified Properties first proposed the rental community a year ago, but the developer returned to Yorktown Town Hall on Tuesday, April 9, to update the board on its progress.

The rental community, called Summit Hill at Yorktown, requires the Town Board to authorize a change in zone. The 19-acre property is currently zoned for single-family use.

“It doesn’t look like your typical rental product. It doesn’t look like anything else on the marketplace. It has a nice townhouse feel,” Steinmetz said, noting that each unit has a garage and driveway. There would also be visitor parking and amenities for residents, such as a gym.

Following a directive of the town, Diversified Properties is attempting to create access from its property to Bank Road. However, they have run into complications.

“My clients have actually spent quite a great deal of time with the owners of Club Fit trying to see if there was a way to secure either an acquisition of property or an easement out to Bank Road,” Steinmetz said. “At this point in time, that has not been able to be achieved.”

Town Supervisor Ilan Gilbert said he is willing to assist in these discussions to make this connection. Steinmetz said his client would be “delighted” to make it happen.