YORKTOWN, N.Y. – After 74 car crashes in five years, the town board is considering installing a traffic light at the intersection of Stoney Street and East Main Street.

Stop signs are also being considered for the four-way intersection at Bunny Road/Mark Road and the intersection of Quaker Church Road and Granite Springs Road.

Yorktown’s Traffic Safety and Advisory Committee pitched the ideas to the town board following discussions and site visits to the intersections. The committee consists of Councilman Gregory Bernard, Traffic Safety Officer Jason Swart and Highway Superintendent Dave Paganelli.

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To make the changes, the town board would need to add three laws to the town code. The town board reviewed the committee’s request at the Feb. 14 work session and set a public hearing for March 7.

The Yorktown Police Department advised the committee that there have been 74 documented car crashes on East Main Street near Stoney Street in the past five years, Bernard said in an email. According to traffic counter data, nearly 10,000 vehicles pass through the intersection of East Main Street and Stoney Street daily, including weekends. The committee is concerned that if traffic volume should increase, the number of accidents would follow.

The intersection is partly controlled by the stop sign that faces northbound Stoney Street. However, unique challenges presented by grade changes and angles of approach between East Main Street and Stoney Street make it a particularly difficult intersection to navigate, Bernard said.

The committee decided that installing a four-way traffic light would best control traffic through the intersection, while reducing the speed of surrounding traffic in the vicinity, as drivers would anticipate the light and slow down.

Traffic increases are responsible for much of the concern about certain intersections, as Bernard said the increase in commuter traffic moving through the intersection of Bunny Lane and Mark Road drew the committee’s attention to that spot.

Not only do drivers pass through the intersection to reach the southbound entrance to the Taconic State Parkway off Mohansic Avenue, but, Bernard said, the Yorktown Police Department reported complaints of people speeding through the intersection and passing school buses as well.

To remedy this, the committee proposed installing a stop sign to the northwest corner of Mark Road and to the northeast corner of Bunny Lane.

As for Quaker Church Road, the committee proposed a stop sign for the northeast corner facing westbound Granite Springs Road, coming from Somers.

Immediately north of the intersection there is a grade and sharp directional change in the road, which, Bernard said, the Yorktown Police Department deems the primary reason for the multiple motor vehicle collisions at the intersection. Along with an increase in traffic enforcement from the police department, the traffic safety committee recommends adding the stop sign to slow northbound Quaker Ridge Road traffic before the significant roadway changes at Granite Springs Road. 

The committee determined there would be no line-of-sight issues at any of the intersections with the addition of stop signs.

“These are great public safety initiatives,” Paganelli said.