Due to funding issues, I understand the need for having the non-televised special session of the planning board on June 26, as it related to special-use permit for the Shrub Oak International School. Using the non-televised special session to also grant a special-use permit for the helistop was unnecessary and showed a lack of transparency by the planning board.

The blanket acceptance of a consultant’s report by any town board is problematic when the consultant is hired and paid for by the developer. This is especially true when there is controversy regarding a project. Under these circumstances, an independent consultant should be hired by the board and the developer then billed for it. However, in order to avoid unnecessary expense on the part of the developer, the developer can elect to utilize only the independent consultant’s report.

Finally, I cannot verify the content of my next comment because the special session of the planning board was not televised. I was, however, informed by someone who did attend the special session that a member of the planning board stated as it related to the special-use permit for the helistop, “Give him whatever he wants.” If, in fact, that comment was made, it is indicative of poor planning. If a member of this board made such a comment, it is not consistent with the duties and responsibilities of a member of the planning board. If the comment was, in fact, made, the member making the comment should resign, forthwith, from the planning board.