SOMERS, N.Y. - Somers Animal Hospital has agreed to provide a lifetime supply of health care for a veteran's newfound cat companion.

Wayne Reese, a veteran who works with the My Brother Vinny charity, a Yorktown-based non-profit dedicated to furnishing the homes of veterans, wanted a cat and his wish came true when Muffin Marie came into his life.

“It only took one visit and I think we both fell in love,” said Wayne.

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Muffin Marie is a stray cat that was found in Peekskill and saved through a joint effort by Peekskill Animal Control and the Somers Animal Hospital.

“What Somers Animal Hospital did was afford them the blessing of being able to have a furry family member and not have to worry about what happens if they get sick,” said Paula Miritello, founder of the My Brother Vinny charity.

Somers Animal Hospital has kindly offered to provide free vaccinations, X-rays, and cover all health care for Muffin Marie.

“It makes us happy that we can make a difference and alleviate a little bit of stress in someone's life," said Jen Miritello of Somers Animal Hospital. "We hope that goodwill gives other people ideas, as well.”

Reese and Muffin Marie now happily reside in Peekskill, thanks to the help of Paula Miritello, Peekskill Animal Control and the Somers Animal Hospital.