W.I.N.K. (WHAT I NEED KNOWN)– Important Information about Me at the Somers Library   
Saturday, October 5, 12:30 - 2:00 pm

What if you are suddenly incapacitated, hospitalized, or worse?  What vital information about you do family and friends need to know?  The Friends of the Somers Library, in collaboration with the library staff and Tracy Christen Reimann, Esq., have created a program featuring a document that each person should complete in case of emergency, called “WINK (What I Need Known) – Important Information About Me”. At the presentation, you will receive a copy of this document and will be instructed on its general use.  A  “WINK– Important Information about Me” document is a significant gift for your loved ones as well as a significant self-care document.  Categories include Personal Information, Financial Information, Health Information, Information about my Home, and Final Wishes.  Each person completes and keeps their own document, to be left easily accessible to others, and includes the details they want to share - from basics like the garage door code, to information about the care of your pet, to how you pay bills, or where your important legal papers are stored - you get the idea.  Registration is required to ensure your blank document copy is available. Please go to our online calendar here or call 232-5717. 

Our programs are funded by The Friends of the Library - many thanks for your support! 
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