As Ronald Reagan once started a debate with, “Well, there you go again,” Jim Martorano, in his May 4 column, “Resist Hate,” writes: “The needless invasion of Iraq by President George Bush was perhaps the most disastrous foreign policy blunder in our history and fed into the narrative that we were against all Muslims...It is estimated this one act turned the number of self-proclaimed anti-west radicals from a few hundred to many thousands.” Just where do you get this idea from?

First of all, we had the backing of most of the civilized world. That world included your heroine, Hillary Clinton, to name just one. You are being quite naive if you think even at that time, there were only a few hundred “anti-west radicals.” Now on to your statement that the travel ban caused the following: “As result of his actions, President Trump, the efforts of mainstream Muslim leaders to convince that the west really isn’t against them was dealt a severe blow.” First of all, who are these people and how come you don’t hear about them? I will tell you why, they are non-existent. I ask the readers to think about the names of these so called mainstream Muslim leaders. Can you name them? Why are they silent while these lowlifes continue to kill innocent people in the name of Allah and Mohamed? There is no coexistence with them. Show me where they, in history, have coexisted with anyone.

In my humble opinion, Mr. Martorano, you need to wake up and look around and see what is happening all over the world. We are in the middle of the second coming of the Crusades and this time it is for keeps. It will be even more devastating than the first and this time the good guys may lose.