YORKTOWN, N.Y. – “What Would You Do?”, a hidden camera show broadcast on ABC, filmed yesterday at the Shell gas station on the corner of Commerce Street and Kear Street.

Using actors in a public setting, the show puts real people in the middle of a moral dilemma. The hidden camera show records bystanders' reactions as actors carry out seemingly unethical or illegal activities.

At the Shell station yesterday, two actors on opposite ends of a gas pump stood outside of their cars, waiting for a bystander to pull up behind them. When the bystander began pumping gas, one of the actors entered the gas station store. The remaining actor stole gas by removing the pump from the unattended car and putting it in his.

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Gas station owner Ernest Picano said the crew filmed at the station from about 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. He said he was surprised by some of the reactions.

“Some just looked the other way like nothing was happening,” Picano said. “It’s interesting.”

Picano said the show, hosted by ABC News correspondent John Quiñones, reached out to him a few months ago and said they wanted to film at his gas station. He received no monetary compensation and said the episode is expected to air next month.

Editor's Note: As a reader pointed out, "What Would You Do?" also filmed a similar concept several years ago at another Shell gas station (now Gulf) in Yorktown. Watch that video here.