Thanks to Jim Martorano’s column, we all know where Councilman Nick Bianco has gone. Happily, Nick’s alive and well and enjoying retirement in Florida. I wish him well and also thank him for his service to our town.

The bigger question is where has the Yorktown that we all knew and loved gone?

Some will say that things in Yorktown have changed for the worse.

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Motives of our politicians and directions they’ve taken us have been called into question over the last few years.

Nick Bianco spoke for many of us when he said, “Only fools would do away with open space, tree laws and wetland protection. I question the true motives of those who want this. Are there financial gains for themselves, their business interests, or friends? Surely, this is not for the residents.”

Nick Bianco’s words are a breath of fresh air and crystallize what many feel is currently wrong with Yorktown’s Town Hall.