Editor’s Note: Melvyn Tanzman is seeking the Yorktown Democratic Committee’s nomination for town supervisor.

The Yorktown Town Board does not televise or use a public address system for its “working sessions.” Those who attended the March 28 session can attest to their rationale. The abusive behavior by Councilman Gregory Bernard, aimed at Councilman Vishnu Patel, was obscene and offensive.

This occurred during a discussion about changes to Yorktown’s wetlands law. I hope the residents of Yorktown had enough of bullying politics during the 2016 presidential primary and general election. Civility and respect must be re-established in local government regardless of policy differences. It is wrong to ridicule those with different views, especially when you outnumber them four to one. Simply put, it is bullying.

A public hearing on the revisions to the wetlands law, which may weaken standards, is scheduled for the town board meeting of April 18. All Yorktown residents should learn the facts and the arguments on both sides and attend the public hearing. Become a participant rather than an observer of the political process. I must, yet, give you fair warning. Members of the board have already said that this issue has been discussed and debated for two years. It seems they have already reached their conclusion before the public hearing. Is this a model of a government “by the people”?