YORKTOWN, N.Y. – Seven college-bound students from Lakeland, Yorktown and Somers schools were awarded scholarships two weeks ago by the Yorktown Chamber of Commerce.

Six of the scholarships were for $1,500, and one scholarship, the Constance C. Petri Award, was for $2,500.

The recipients were: Devyn Clifford, Lakeland High School; Sidney Ficarrotta, Yorktown High School; Alexa Hoffman, Somers High School; Eliza Pratt, Yorktown High School; Julianne Statler, Yorktown High School; Nisha Mirchandani, Yorktown High School; and Katherine Campbell, Walter Panas High School.

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Marc Saidel, of the chamber's Scholarship Committee, said the Chamber of Commerce was able to award more scholarship funds than ever before.

“It's a great testament to the chamber and the community that people are willing to make these donations and help these students,” Saidel said.

Sheryl Saidel, also of the Scholarship Committee, said the chamber was able to award scholarships to all students who interviewed. To qualify, the students must have some connection to Yorktown or the Yorktown Chamber of Commerce. Each candidate was also required to submit an essay.

Marc Saidel read the students' credentials before awarding the scholarships.

“There's a thread here,” Marc Saidel said. “All these people seem to be high-producing students who get this recognition taking on intense pressure and production and nothing stops them. They work, go to school, they're in clubs, they're in sports, and there's a pattern in case you haven't noticed it, as we did.”

Clifford is attending University of Buffalo (nursing); Ficarrotta is attending the University of Rhode Island (nursing); Hoffman is attending University of Maryland, College Park (undecided); Pratt is attending Carnegie Mellon University (design); Statler is attending SUNY Cortland (undecided); Campbell is attending Johnson & Wales University (culinary arts); and Mirchandani is attending SUNY Albany.

“I think all of these candidates are goal-driven,” Sheryl Saidel said. “They're all amazing. It was wonderful to be able to give awards to all of them. I don't how we would have chosen if were not able to do that.”

In the future, Sheryl Saidel said, the Scholarship Committee hopes to award even more scholarships.

“We can only do that if you give us [nominees] and you give us your money,” she said.

The scholarship award ceremony was held Monday, July 17, at Little Sorrento in Yorktown. The restaurant is owned by Gina and Paul DiPaterio.