YORKTOWN, N.Y. – For the past week, a Facebook page called Yorktown Residents for Good Government has been publishing messages purporting to be from Democratic candidates.

The inflammatory Facebook posts all share a similar message: Vote for the Democratic candidates because they will make Yorktown a “sanctuary town.”

In one post, a group photo of the Democratic candidates is accompanied by a message that states: “All Republicans are racist, nativist, bigoted, intolerant, immigrant bashing deplorables. Don't let them win.”

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The posts encourage readers to “Vote Row A” (the Democratic line) and, at first glance, appear to be supportive of Democratic candidates and critical of their Republican candidates. However, the posts have mostly provoked outrage against Democrats and their "support" of a sanctuary town.

Elliot Krowe, co-chair of the Yorktown Democratic Committee, says this is all by design. He suspects a Republican supporter of manufacturing outrage against his candidates.

“I can categorically state it’s not anyone on our side, obviously,” Krowe said.

The Yorktown Democratic Committee said the information in the Facebook posts are not true: “The Yorktown Democratic ticket and the Yorktown Democratic Committee DO NOT and never have supported ‘sanctuary’ status for Yorktown. NO Democratic candidate on this year's slate has ever stated support for sanctuary status, not orally, NOT in writing, NOT in any fashion.”

Until a few weeks ago, the Yorktown Residents for Good Government page had been mostly dormant since 2015, the last time there was a local election. The page appears to have been created in March of that year to support Republican candidates. Posts still available on the page are critical of then-Democratic candidates Vishnu Patel, Ilan Gilbert and Susan Siegel.