YORKTOWN, N.Y.-Four town employees credited with going above and beyond their job descriptions were honored last week for quick-thinking actions that likely saved the lives of several Yorktown seniors.

Noreen O’Driscoll, director of nutrition at the Yorktown Community and Cultural Center, said the town drivers, who also deliver meals to homebound seniors, have disregarded protocol by taking extra steps to ensure the safety of seniors who didn’t answer the door.

O’Driscoll, speaking at the Feb. 6 Town Board meeting, said standard procedure is to leave a note on the door and call the office so the family can be notified. Her drivers, however, have a sense of when something is amiss and immediate action is needed.

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Sal Rivera, an employee since 2002, recently encountered this situation. Knowing it would be unusual for a particular senior to not be at home, Rivera stayed and listened for any sounds emanating from the residence.

“He heard a very faint sound and continued around to the window, where he could see this woman lying on the floor,” O’Driscoll said. “He called the office and the police, and her family was notified.”

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