What happened? If you ever watched any Yorktown Town Board meetings over the last few years, you couldn’t help but leave with the impression that they were extremely partisan productions that could quickly devolve into a political free-for-all without warning.

Speakers at Courtesy of the Floor spoke at their own peril. Supervisor Michael Grace and Councilman Gregory Bernard consistently pushed their agendas over the objections of their constituents and systematically scolded, mocked and even bullied everyone who opposed them. At times, Mr. Grace conducted himself as an imperial supervisor, enabled by a rubber stamp council majority to rule rather than govern.

The emperor had no clothes and the voters finally realized it.

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Grace should be congratulated for his fiscal conservatism, but his accomplishments may be overshadowed by a long history of tax delinquency, accusations of conflict of interest and ethical complaints. Last-minute, mean-spirited Republican Party mailings only magnify the toxic nature of their campaign and their attacks seemed personally rather than politically motivated.

Voters have given Supervisor-elect Ilan Gilbert and his team the opportunity and challenge to finally clean house, return civility and access to town hall, correct past abuses and right Yorktown’s ship.

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