Some of the recent comments from residents regarding the redevelopment of Yorktown are difficult to understand. Over the years, the town of Yorktown was subject to the obstruction and anti- business attitude of Democratic board members and one R.I.N.O. supervisor who made investments in Yorktown more of a gamble than necessary.

One example is their refusal to work with the JV Mall, causing a snowball effect with a restaurant closing then the movie theater followed by other retailers. One letter writer outlined it very well when he described the numerous businesses nationwide closing due to pressure from internet sales. But then it became bizarre when he questioned why developers were bringing new projects to the town board when the business vacancy rate is high and why the board would even consider them. I don’t want to sound condescending, but that’s not how it works.

As Supervisor Grace and the Republicans on the board move forward with the plans for Yorktown’s redevelopment, investors are realizing that this is a new Yorktown not the anti-business, over-regulated town of yesteryear that drove many away. With new development and local support (shop local please) businesses will want to fill those vacant storefronts and pay into our schools and tax base. This supervisor and the Republican majority on the board have demonstrated a vision, with plans for a downtown we can be proud of and a place where we want to raise our children and spend our retirement years.

I encourage all residents to become more involved in Yorktown. Take part in the recreational facilities and community organizations like ASK, the food pantry or the Yorktown Grange that make this a great town with outstanding residents. But I also encourage you to attend the town board meetings where you will witness the rude, disrespectful and mischaracterization of the supervisor and the board by those motivated to stagnate any progress in Yorktown for misguided reasons. We need to keep Yorktown moving forward.