We would like to thank you for all your support regarding our contract negotiation dispute with the town of Yorktown. We also would like to thank the patrons who supported us as well. We would like you to know we were denied our arbitration with the town of Yorktown.

However, this is a paragraph from the arbitrator’s report:

“It may seem unfair, and unusual, for a group of professional employees to be singled out, and paid less than the other professional employees, particularly such an important group of town employees, but that is what the parties intended based on the clear and unambiguous language of the agreement. Any change in the salary levels of the library employees must be accomplished through negotiations, or in the political process.”

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This is a copy of the email we received from our labor relations specialist, Fred Smit, regarding the arbitrator’s decision and quoted from his email to our staff member:

“Here is the arbitrator’s decision. The grievance is denied. The library staff is stuck on Schedule A.”

All through this grievance process, we have been told this is a contract negotiation issue. However, when our issue is presented, we are told by our union that the town supervisor will not even address the issue. We feel that we are still receiving disparate treatment and our union should be fighting for us during contract negotiations.

As far as the political process, we weren’t even informed about the nominations for our new officers until a day before the papers had to be entered. We had to contact our union president and we were informed the nomination papers had been delivered to the library. The papers had not been delivered. Again, our department was left out of the loop.

During the arbitration, a dispute was presented within the two pay scales for other employees within the town, but we were informed that was a typo and it has been in two contracts without being “cleaned-up.” The town claims that Article 9 paragraphs A and B are unambiguous, yet the town wants to “clean-up” the language of this Article 9 in the new contract.

We will continue to pursue our unfair treatment and hope that at some point we will be equal to all the professional employees within the town of Yorktown.