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Yorktown Man's Walking Routine Comes Full Circle

Angelo Frangella celebrates his milestone accomplishment with a glass of champagne. Credits: Angelo Frangella
Frangella meticulously documented on pocket calendars his miles walked. Credits: Angelo Frangella


SHRUB OAK, N.Y. – Angelo Frangella didn’t know what to do with himself when he retired from UPS on May 30, 2005. So, he started walking.

Beginning that day, Frangella, who credits UPS for making him statistically inclined, documented his daily walk totals down to the tenth-of-a-mile.

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Over the course of 4,549 days, Frangella, 67, has walked about 5.4 miles per day. On Saturday, surrounded by family and friends, Frangella walked his 24,901st mile, which equals the circumference of the Earth.

“I started doing it and doing it and doing it and I never thought it would come to this point,” Frangella said.

Frangella said working at UPS was physically demanding and walking helps keep him in shape. Some of his favorite places to walk are FDR Park and a trail near Trump Park Residences, where he lives.

“We all get old; I just don’t want to get old and feeble,” Frangella said.

A driver for Baumann & Sons Buses, he often walks on his midday breaks. His longest walk was at FDR Park on Nov. 9, 2008, when he walked 21 miles. It took him a little more than six hours.

“I would have gone another 5 miles to complete a marathon, but the park ranger asked me leave since it was dusk,” Frangella recalled.

Frangella, however, would sometimes go to extreme lengths to make sure he completed his miles. If he and his wife were visiting a friend who lived locally, Frangella would leave for the destination on foot about two hours before his wife began driving.

“It becomes addictive,” Frangella said. “It becomes a lifestyle.”

Upon learning of Frangella’s dedication to walking, he said, some people think he’s “a little off.”

“People say to me, ‘Doctors are going to want to check your heart and check your head,’” Frangella said.

Frangella documents his miles in pocket calendars that he usually gets from the bank. At the end of every week, month and year, he tallies his miles. His best year was in 2014, when he walked 2,471 miles, or nearly 6.8 miles per day.

“It’s about sticking to something and following through,” Frangella said.

Frangella reached his latest milestone on Saturday in front of Trump Park Residences. Many neighbors who live in Frangella’s building have heard about his hobby and were there to cheer him as he crossed the finish line.

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