This is a call to the new Yorktown Town Board for action to bring to conclusion some unfinished business left over from the previous administration, as well as to ask for action on some properties that blight the Shrub Oak hamlet. The “old business” is as follows:

1. On Route 132, there is the former Adams-Bernstein House that was donated to the town and was for a time a museum. It was given over for rehab to Franzoso Construction a few years ago in return for development, but after it was deemed to be too expensive to rehabilitate the main building, things have since been in limbo. Should the town allow this to be? Let’s get the ball moving on this, OK?

2. Just east of the Taconic on Route 6 is the former nine-hole golf course that a few years ago came into the town’s possession. A contract was given to a developer to run it and put in a clubhouse/restaurant. Let’s get this going and on line for our citizens as was the plan.

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In addition, there are two blighted properties that have existed in Shrub Oak for far too long. One is the former Uniroyal Tire building in the Acme parking lot across from Lakeland High School and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church. It is empty and boarded up and an eyesore and surely this should not be tolerated. There is also the terribly overgrown vacant residence on the corner of New Road and East Main Street, between Mill/Cooper Street and New Road. I believe this single-family house had become an illegal multifamily house (the emphasis on multi). It has now been vacant for several years, is dilapidated and the property is reverting to an overgrown jungle wasteland. Cannot the town force some action on this, even to the point of removing the building and clearing the property?

The town is terribly busy, I know, with considering new developments. How about it taking care of existing ones that need attention? Thank you for your consideration.