I applaud the town’s decision to review the dog waste policy as written in the recent article “Town revisits dog waste policy.” (Jan. 14, Page 1). However, there are other quality of life issues that need to be addressed immediately.

I’m writing about drivers that run through stop signs and run red lights. I am also writing about drivers that park in fire zones, park in handicap zones and park in no parking areas. Also, let’s not forget about people in crosswalks almost getting hit by distracted drivers. These are safety issues. These are quality of life issues.

We have many senior citizens living in this town. We also have many handicapped people living here. Many families with young children rely on the driving skills of others to safely navigate our road ways or park at the shopping centers. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to dodge vehicles or slam on my brakes because drivers run the stop sign at the end of Ridge Street and Hallocks Mill Road. Not only do I worry for my own safety, I worry for the safety of other drivers trying to navigate the roadways that used to be safe when I grew up in this town.

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As a handicapped person, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked for handicapped parking only to find other vehicles idling in a handicapped parking area or illegally parked. Most times when I ask the driver if he or she has a handicapped sticker or is licensed to park there, I get the middle finger salute.

As for fire zones and no parking zones, take a trip to CVS, Dunkin Donuts, Kmart or the Acme shopping area and witness cars illegally parked or standing with no one in them while the drivers  run in to a store to get something. As for the crosswalks, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people almost hit by vehicles that don’t stop for people using the crosswalks in front of the 1940 Commerce St. building or in front of the Cultural Center.

I know that the town code indicates that a fine of up to $100 will be issued for those infractions. I wonder how many people are actually ticketed by the code enforcement officer or town police officers for those type infractions. Why aren’t officers in unmarked police cars issuing tickets to drivers that run stop signs or red lights? Why aren’t the police officers parked at the shopping centers issuing tickets? Forget about warnings. Start issuing tickets. I ask the Town Board and the police department to do something to protect our safety and quality of life.