YORKTOWN, N.Y.-The Town Board, by a unanimous vote, has authorized a $350,000 budget transfer to replenish the Highway Department’s salt supply.

Highway Superintendent Dave Paganelli said much of the department’s supply of salt was depleted because of the Jan. 4 snowstorm.

“This last event, which occurred Thursday into Friday, we chased it all weekend,” Paganelli said. “We had crews on the entire weekend because of the drifting snow.”

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Yorktown started the winter season with 5,000 tons of salt and about 2,000 tons remain, he said. Paganelli said there have been seven winter events that required his department to use salt.

“We use an incredible amount of salt on water main breaks and we’re at a dangerously low level at this point,” Paganelli said.

Although his department could probably weather a few more storms with the remaining supply, Paganelli said, it’s important to replenish it now to avoid putting the public at risk.

The $350,000 will come from the town’s general fund balance. The emergency expense was authorized on Jan. 9 at an untelevised work session, which, Supervisor Ilan Gilbert said, will not be the norm.

“We will pass resolutions for exigent circumstances during the work sessions,” Gilbert said. However, he said, “our general intent” is to act on resolutions at the board’s regular meetings.

Gilbert praised the work of the Highway Department in dealing with the snowstorms.

“I want to give a shout-out to the Highway Department and [Paganelli’s] crew for the hard, yeoman’s work over the last few snowstorms,” he said. “They’re always there, but because these were my first [as supervisor], I appreciate them even more.”