YORKTOWN, N.Y. - Genesis Macedo was born in Brazil and into a life of poverty.

“I come from very humble beginnings,” said Macedo, who owns Genesis Pro Painting in Yorktown. “I had a difficult childhood.”

Macedo came to the United States in 2000 and landed a job as a painter while living in Yonkers. Through hard work and determination, he eventually formed his own successful painting company and is now looking to give back to the community. Macedo and his company are looking to give away a $3,000 interior paint job to a family or organization that finds themselves in dire need.

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“I have been in Yorktown for about six years,” he said. “We were looking to move to an area with better schools. I have a son who is 12. We visited this area, liked it, and decided to move up here [from Yonkers].”

Macedo honed his skills as a house painter working for a contractor in Yonkers, but always had an eye on going out on his own.

“I love it; I enjoy painting and the finished results,” he said. “When there is a house that is worn out and beat up and then at the end [of the job] looks beautiful, well, I love the end results. It is satisfying to see the fruits of the labor.”

Macedo said he has about 15 employees working under him during the peak season, and when it slows down in the winter he has about seven or eight on staff.

“We do both interior and exterior,” he said. “We do a little commercial, but it’s mostly residential.”

With the rise of his business, Macedo began sending money back home to his family so that they, in turn, can help others.

“As life got better, I have always been looking to help out,” he said. “It’s because I’ve been there; I know what it is like. I send money back to Brazil to help the poor and send food and toys for my family to distribute.”

But Macedo also wanted to do something locally and related to the profession he undertakes every day. He brainstormed with other contractors to come up with an idea. That’s how he discovered the concept of  “Paint It Forward.”

“I have a friend in Florida who told me that he does this and I took the idea from him,” he said.

Macedo said that he thought the hardest part would be to get his staff to volunteer and to come up with the paint that would be needed for the job. But all that came quickly. He said his staff jumped on board right away. Instead, the hardest part has been finding the benefactor of his Paint It Forward project.

“We are still looking for nominations,” he said “We have had zero nominations so far. Well, we did have one, but it turned out they were from North Carolina. We are looking for someone local.”

Macedo said he is hoping to get the job done before Christmas.

“That is a good time to give,” he said.

Macedo said once the family or organization is chosen, he expect the job to take about two days—one day for prep work and another for painting, noting that it must be an interior project because of the time of year.

“You can’t paint outside right now,” he said.

Macedo said if all goes well he would to do Paint It Forward again next year.

“If it’s successful, and I’m sure we will get some joy out of it, we may have to do it again in the warmer weather and do an outside project. But it’s one step at at time. Right now, we need some local nominations.”

Genesis Pro Painting has a link to its website where people can go and make nominations for the Paint It Forward project. Go to genesispropainting.com/paint-it-forward to make your nomination or call 914-826-4767.