Does the “politics of personal enrichment” exist in Yorktown?

The Yorktown Town Board has not established any safeguards to prevent current elected officials from cashing in on their political connections or profiting from their own revitalization initiatives. Yorktown’s Ethics Board continues to remain silent on potential conflict of interest concerns. Taxpayers are gambling on the motives of Yorktown’s town board who spin their real estate speculator’s roulette wheel to arbitrarily pick winners and losers with no accountability, no oversight and little input from anyone except political insiders.

Will selling off Yorktown property for the new highway garage, granting radical rezoning and building code variances, giving tax breaks to a select few and land developers advocacy going to ultimately turn out to be a feather in politicians’ caps or just another opportunity for elected officials to feather their own nests? Have certain politicians been revitalizing downtown Yorktown for the taxpayer’s best interest or simply playing the system to selfishly increase property values for their own adjacent properties at taxpayers’ expense? Yorktown has become a political “wheel of fortune” that is rigged so politicians benefit on every spin.

The new highway garage may not cost taxpayers a cent, but it appears that certain elected officials stand to personally make a ton of money on Yorktown’s revitalization. Maybe that was the whole idea in the first place.