The Dec. 27 article regarding business in Yorktown is telling as to the blind approach of the current administration toward economic development. It is simply foolish for Supervisor Gilbert to say on the one hand that “You don’t have a downtown or street scene,” yet, on the other hand, he continues to avoid the inherited Yorktown revitalization initiative, the aim of which was to create the missing downtown streetscape. 

Having a highway garage as the town’s centerpiece is not conducive to innovative or creative development. Nor is it wise to turn away hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant money as a down payment on that revitalization.

The current administration’s tactic of creating a committee is also evidence that this administration has no business acumen. The stated purpose to “look at new ideas...and get fresh ideas” further proves that this administration has no vision or ability to make decisions.

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The most remarkable revelation is the notion that they believe it is productive to penalize property owners for having vacancies. There is no economic advantage to a building owner of having a vacancy! The lesson is that the less government interferes, regulates, delays and is decisive the more likely it will attract outside investment.

The Gilbert administration is by character bureaucratic and regulatory and it sees solutions in more bureaucracy and regulation. It will not matter how many times someone calls a landlord or developer because that landlord or developer wants to see progress. Sadly, here in Yorktown, we now see everything but.