Caregivers deserve so much more credit than they are given, but for anyone put in such a position, we don’t ask for recognition or accolades. I have lived in this town for more than 20 years and, for the first time, I heard someone running for local elected office talk about making town programs more convenient for my fellow caregivers.

Matt Slater is running for Yorktown Supervisor. He believes residents of Yorktown should be able to sign up for our Parks and Recreation programs online and I agree. This is a straightforward proposal that would benefit residents on a number of levels. But I was struck by the fact that Matt Slater emphasized the importance of this idea for caregivers. Our time is limited between taking care of ourselves, our families and loved ones in need. The last thing you do is take time for yourself because, in many cases, being a caregiver is a 24-hour job. Our time is often so limited that we are pressed to carve out even an hour to get basic essentials from the grocery store let alone find time to register our loved ones at the Parks and Recreation Department.

Yorktown offers everything from summer camps for kids to knitting classes for our seniors. These are all great programs but we need greater convenience to take advantage of them. I thank Matt Slater for recognizing the importance of online registration but more so for recognizing the caregivers of our community.