Per Jim Martorano’s column yesterday, Sen. Murphy’s comments were inaccurate.

The Child Victims Act would help child sex abuse survivors seek justice as adults by eliminating the statute of limitations for prosecuting child sexual abuse crimes and filing civil lawsuits for damages against individuals, public and private institutions. The bill would also allow for lawsuits to be filed until the victim is 50 years old and also allow for a one-year window for victims to file civil claims against alleged abusers, regardless of age. It has been approved in the Democratic-controlled NY State Assembly several times with bipartisan support, but the bill has been routinely blocked in the Republican-controlled NY State Senate for years.

The NY Health Act, a bill that would give New Yorkers universal health care, has passed the state Assembly five times, but has always died in the Republican-controlled State Senate. Healthcare should be a basic right for all New Yorkers, not a privilege only for those who can afford it. Introducing a single-payer system in New York is not only the right thing to do, but over time it will save NY State millions of dollars and improve care and efficiencies, according to independent studies by the RAND Corporation and the University of Massachusetts. It is also the best way to address the addiction crisis and the lack of parity for mental health treatment.

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New York Senate Republicans currently have NYSHIP, an excellent, Albany-administered single payer personal healthcare plan for themselves, so why can’t their constituents have the same?

Pete Harckham is a Democratic candidate for NY Senate SD 40