The town of Yorktown has suffered through numerous storms. I am so glad to see Supervisor Ilan Gilbert’s administration take long overdue action!

The Gilbert administration actually assessed the situation and put in place long-neglected improvements. There will still be monster storms and outages as we go forward, but at least Yorktown will be better prepared than before.

Based on my observations since Supervisor Gilbert took office just one year ago, here are some of the improvements already put in place:

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1) The road repair budget has been increased by 10 percent over last year’s increased road budget.

2) The salt budget has been increased by 18 percent.

3) Supervisor Gilbert has negotiated a pilot tree trimming program with Con Edison to reduce the risk of broken tree limbs bringing down electrical and communications wires. Thus far, 18 homeowners agreed to participate for the removal of 48 dangerous trees.

4) Con Edison is “hardening their facilities” by “putting flood-proof equipment in low-lying areas, building higher flood walls around facilities, reinforcing overhead equipment and/or putting some overhead lines underground to limit outages during storms.”

5) The Albert A. Capellini Community & Cultural Center now has a new boiler, making it a more reliable storm shelter.

6) And of significant importance, long-needed generators have been installed at the Highway Department building and at Town Hall. This is so that our first responders and town management can continue to serve us should those buildings lose power. Temporary, portable units unable to fulfill our needs was the patchwork solutions of years gone by.

The Gilbert administration has proven its commitment to our safety and wellbeing, and I thank them.