We keep hearing how the Republicans are bought and paid for by the NRA. I recently explained to you the truth about this myth. The reality is the Democrats are the ones who are bought and paid for. Not by the NRA, but the environmentalists.

You thought I was going to say public sector unions, didn’t you? Well, they own both parties in New York. However, the environmentalists pull the strings of the Democrats. This includes our governor. I wrote recently how by bowing to the environmentalists, he was actually responsible for the spike in your energy bill this winter.

Now, they want to make grocery shopping more expensive. The Democrats in the legislature and the governor want to ban plastic shopping bags. Not only that, but if you use one, they want a 10-cent charge per bag. If you use paper, it will be 25-cent charge.

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I have written that when it comes to Democrats, if you will not comply voluntarily with how they say you should behave, they will compel you by law. It is mandated by law that all supermarkets have a plastic bag recycling drop-off bin. This is so you can voluntarily recycle your bags. Many people do. Except what I need for garbage and cat tidy cleanup, so do I. These bins are usually almost always full. However, because not everyone in the universe will recycle the bags and the pigs among us litter with them—you can see them on the side of most roadways—we must punish everyone.

So now you are to be compelled by law to use reusable bags. I dealt with this issue before and, citing sources, showed that in the states where this is mandated, there is a spike in food-borne illnesses because many people do not properly clean the bags after each use.

This fee will be charged by the supermarkets, which already include the cost of bags in their prices. What, you thought they were giving them away? However, as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow, the greedy pick-pockets in Albany will find a way to confiscate those monies for environmental purposes.

Lost in the shuffle, recently, Gov. Andrew Cuomo awarded departing Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards the Governor’s Medal for Public Service during a Planned Parenthood rally at the state capitol. He said she was “an inspiration to all of us and to a generation across the nation…She has been a national champion, a national role model.”

Planned Parenthood, an organization I have covered in the past, apparently needs government subsidies because of all the services it offers pregnant women. Yet again, citing sources, I showed that those services account for a minimal amount of monies used. Instead, most of its monies are used to promote abortions. The history of Planned Parenthood makes interesting reading. It was founded by a woman who wanted to lower the birth rate in minority communities.

No matter how one feels about the issue of abortion, have we as a state sunk so low as to honor a person whose biggest achievement is the killing of the unborn?

In a related story, there is legislation in Albany being proposed to mandate all establishments with public restrooms to supply free women’s hygiene products. Another cost on businesses that will be passed on to the customer. Another nanny-state idea where someone else should be responsible for another’s personal hygiene. Because nothing operates in a vacuum, and now that in New York one can use whatever restroom necessary depending on what their sex is that day, will these hygiene products be required to be available in both restrooms?

All the above are efforts by the governor with assistance from the Democrats in Albany to shore up his left flank at our expense for his upcoming re-election and possible 2020 presidential aspirations. In spite of these endeavors, it looks like the governor will receive a primary challenge from the left. There is a considerable segment of the New York Democratic Party that does not think he is liberal enough. As much as we will be screwed should he be re-elected, we will be royally screwed should he lose the primary.

This is what I say. What say you?