Last week, the Daily News ran a headline, “When is our father coming home?” This dealt with a person here illegally, married to an American woman with a family, who was arrested at an Army base while delivering pizza. You are supposed to think that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), under Trump, is tearing families apart. As usual, it was a crock of cow pies. It was progressive policies like sanctuary cities that are what got this poor illegal alien arrested.

He was asked at the gate for identification and produced a New York City ID card. He was then asked for a driver’s license. He said he did not have one. That is why he was arrested. While he was arrested, he was asked whether they could do a background check to confirm his ID and he said yes. That’s when they found there was an open deportation order on him. In 2010, before he had a wife and kids, he said he would voluntarily go back to his country because he was applying for a green card. He never left. It was his mistake, not Trump’s actions, that got him deported.

Just so you know, whenever I enter a military base, be it Camp Smith or West Point, I not only have to produce my hack license, I must produce a valid driver’s license. So do all my passengers, even if they are going to the Thayer Hotel within the gates of West Point.

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However, think about this: This poor innocent, as we are being told, had an open deportation order on him, yet, because he really thinks New York can protect him from the feds, he didn’t think twice about entering a U.S. military base without a valid driver’s license. But not to worry, our governor has volunteered our tax dollars to provide the lawyer to defend him.

• There is something really wrong with New York’s election laws. Last week, it was announced that Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-18) will run for state attorney general in the Democratic primary while continuing to run for re-election as a Congressman representing District 18. A spokesman said Maloney would suspend his Congressional campaign if he wins the primary for attorney general.

This is not fair to other candidates seeking his seat or the attorney general’s. Should he win the primary for attorney general, how much time does that give another Democrat to get up to speed in challenging a Republican seeking that office? Also, who does the Republican candidate campaign against when that question is up in the air? No, in fairness to his district, he must choose which office he seeks. Does District 18 really deserve a representative who thinks being their Congressman is a consolation prize?

• If you think Trump is a congenital liar, then what do you call our governor? Last week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo talked about fighting the opioid epidemic. However, the truth is that much of the money that he claims is being pumped into that fight is actually old money, just relabeled. The state has largely just shifted funds from other addiction programs to pay for it.

Truth be told, as long as this governor fights to keep the borders open and keeps New York a sanctuary state, all his talk about fighting opioid addiction is pure bull. If you are going to resist stopping the drugs at the source, then everything else is election posturing.

• Media reports claim that insurance companies in New York are asking for double-digit increases. They are blaming Trump and the Republicans for eliminating the mandate requiring you to purchase health insurance or pay a fine (a tax). This is not quite true. Most New York insurers are only asking single-digit increases. It is Fedelis that is asking 37 percent, which drives the figure to double digits.

They are the most pessimistic in guessing (yes, guessing, as no one actually knows) how many young healthy people will drop coverage now that it is no longer mandated. Fact is, most young, healthy people pay the fine (tax) because it is cheaper. You actually will have a self-fulfilling prophecy if these increases are granted. The cost would be far greater than the penalty (tax).

Here is what you should know: New York is a blue state. The insurers are not going to blame the regulations passed and signed into law by the same people who control whether they get an increase or not. Of course they are going to blame Trump and his policies. Also the question has to be asked, since this law only took effect this year, what are the reasons for the increases every year before this and even before Obamacare became the law of the land? Our insurance premiums have been the highest in the nation ever since Gov. Mario Cuomo started messing with health insurance back in the ’80s.

• Finally, there is no Social Security or Medicare trust fund, and neither of these programs need to operate in surplus. They have not ever since Congress started raiding these funds to balance the federal budget and replace them with IOUs. Just one more swamp lie to steal from the people what is rightfully theirs after a lifetime of FICA deductions. If they raise these deductions, then they can boast about not raising your taxes. As long as there is a federal government, those expenses will be paid, albeit through higher taxes overall, or diminished benefits.

This is what I say. What say you?