Boy oh boy, Governor Cuomo must be wetting his pants over being primaried on his left by Cynthia Nixon. In his continued lurch leftward to stave off this challenge, last week Cuomo issued an executive order to allow parolees the right to vote in New York. That is right. Now all 55,000 parolees, which include murderers and rapists, will be able vote. The Legislature wouldn’t pass this, so the governor did it by executive fiat. Yet, we are being told Trump acts like a dictator.

No matter how you feel about former convicts who’ve paid their debts to society, a parolee has not yet paid a debt to society. They are on a conditional freedom and if they violate parole can be returned to incarceration to finish out their sentence. Parolees are not to be confused with those who have actually paid their debt to society and that is what this fiat is supposed to accomplish.

What the governor is doing is changing the rules of the game in the middle of it. He is not doing it out of fairness. He is doing it to expand the voting base in an effort to retain power. I have to laugh. Nationally, we have the Democrats and “never Trumpers” hanging their hats on a porn “star” as their means of taking out Trump. Never mind that she willingly signed a non-disclosure agreement that the media in its ugliness uses the term “hush money” to make a perfectly legal document sound nefarious. She now wishes to break that contract to cash in now that Trump is president. We now have a sitting governor so afraid of losing power he wishes to hang his re-election on criminals who have yet to pay their debt to society.

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Think about it. Robbers, rapists and murderers may decide who will carry the Democratic banner in November. How much farther down the rathole will we allow this governor to take us?

Next, on our way down the rathole, we have Attorney General Eric Schneiderman urging lawmakers to change the state’s double jeopardy law in case President Trump attempts to use his pardon power to protect himself or his aides from criminal prosecution. You have to admit, Trump is living rent-free in Schneiderman’s head. We are already paying for more than 100 lawsuits against the federal government by this man since Trump became president.

Now, he wants the state to take away a defendant’s double jeopardy protections for political reasons. He never asked for this power during the Obama Administration. He certainly would not ask for it if Hillary won. Nooooooo. We must involve defendants who might be pardoned by Trump in his game of political chess. Talk about “Trump derangement syndrome.”

The fact is Trump cannot by law pardon anyone convicted of a state crime. Only the governor can do that. Double jeopardy exists because our founders, both state and federal, believed the government should only get one bite at the apple. Our attorney general believes because of his hatred for all things Trump that this protection should be jettisoned. Trying to do this, our attorney general is proving that it is not Trump who is unfit for office, he is.

Finally, back to our governor, he wishes to skirt federal tax law by allowing you to write off your tax return as a charitable deduction for your state property taxes. This will not fly. The IRS will never allow it. Remember, should you try this and it is disallowed, it will be you, not the governor or Legislature, the IRS goes after for penalties. The proper argument and one that I believe would win in court is that by disallowing this deduction, it is a form of double taxation.

This is what I say. What say you?