If you’re wondering why people and businesses are fleeing New York, a big part of the equation is that we still have the highest combined state and local taxes in the country. Do not forget, fees and surcharges count as taxes.

The governor’s office tried to dismiss the study as old. That is always the governor’s answer. Yet, one has to ask: How many new studies that are released that say these same things are old? The bottom line is that our taxes go up, year after year, and people are leaving because they cannot afford to live here anymore. Many retirees must leave to survive. His new budget proposals do not change this equation. In fact, they make things worse.

As I said would happen last week, confirming that I am right once again, Cuomo is being challenged from the left by Cynthia Nixon. The recent corruption conviction of his closest confidant gives her an opening. He will continue to veer left to negate this. Every left turn he makes will cost us more in taxes. As I said last week, Nixon does not think Cuomo is liberal enough.

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As a conservative, I think this primary will be fun to watch. Already, the long knives are out for her. Former New York City Councilwoman Christine Quinn, who is supporting Cuomo, called Nixon an “unqualified lesbian.” She was forced to apologize for saying that. Yet, this goes to show that a liberal’s first line of attack is to go negative. I am still trying to figure out what an “unqualified lesbian” is.

Both candidates are going to use the compassion card. Then, the fairness card. They are going to play to your emotions. They wish you to feel, not think. Truth be told, compassion is a good thing. Fairness is a good thing. Not having to make hard choices would be a wonderful thing. However, the other truth is none of those things can happen with the hand of government.

When government gets into the business of establishing “compassion” and “fairness,” it arbitrarily defines “compassion” and what is “fair” and what a person’s “choice” should be. This government interference results in mass suffering (see the Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela and most inner-cities in America, etc.). Where is the compassion in that? The government was not designed to police the human heart because when it does, the freedom to choose dies. The plain and simple fact is that the hand of government cannot change the laws of economics nor human nature.

Immigrant Protection Act

Despite its name, the Immigrant Protection Act does not provide new protections for our immigrant community. In fact, the way it is written, it actually protects criminals, thereby putting innocent people in danger.

This act makes it more difficult to make transfers of prisoners at the county jail who are wanted on federal charges by Homeland Security. You see, it is common sense to use jails because they are a safe and neutral place to make such transfers. However, under this act, transfers would be moved into the community where they lived at the time of their arrest and that will be one of the things that pose greater risks for innocent members of the community and, let us not forget, law enforcement.

Already in Westchester, before this act was even proposed, District Attorney Anthony Scarpino established a task force within his office to ensure that those immigrants coming forward to report crimes will not face repercussions related to their immigration status.

However, what this new law does is shield people who are accused of committing crimes from federal authorities and that is dangerous and irresponsible. Usually, but not always, when someone in this country illegally commits a crime, their victims are fellow immigrants. That is a fact. This was the same back in the early 1900s with organized crime. Mostly, they preyed on their own. Think what would have happened if this new law were enforced then. So, why would we want to protect these predators now?

The fact is local law enforcement, including county police, do not enforce or address immigration issues. Nor do they (in spite of what those who wish to inspire fear say) seek to determine immigration status of victims or use it in any way to perform their duties. In fact, the last two Westchester County executives (Spano, a Democrat, and Astorino, a Republican) have issued executive orders to specifically direct county police to not engage in immigration enforcement or inquire about immigration status. We were told that this is exactly what the IPA is purported to address. However, we were misled because it does not.

The IPA states that “County Law Enforcement Agencies (CLEA) shall not communicate with Federal Immigration Authorities.” Originally, there was to be one exception and that was whether the individual was a known gang member. A reasonable exception, since we know of MS-13’s growing presence on Long Island and that it could easily expand to Westchester. As we speak, there are national databases that could be used to identify such individuals. However, it was removed in this present version of the IPA.

Because of this and other provisions, and according to federal guidelines, the IPA will clearly cause Westchester County to be classified a “sanctuary county.” Just as I recently wrote. The IPA is designed specifically to do only two things: protect undocumented criminals sitting in the county jail, and eliminate the distinction between legal and illegal immigration.

Again, as I said, the voters have made their choice; now they will be punished.

This is what I say. What say you?