Did you know New York City public schools spend $24,109 per pupil per year, and 72 percent of students are not proficient in reading and 73 percent are not proficient in math? Or, did you know New York State spends $22,366 per elementary school and secondary school pupil?

That is 90 percent higher than the national average. When it comes to bureaucratic overhead, New York spends 49 percent more than the national average. That comes down to $6,130 per student just for the bureaucracy. That leaves $16,000-plus for the student’s needs. Reality check: Even if New York spent the national average on administration, we would still lead the nation in per-pupil spending.

...Unemployment rate is now at its lowest rate this century. African-American unemployment is at its lowest rate on record. Hispanic unemployment is tied for a record low rate. Female unemployment is at its lowest rate since 1953.

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Rasmussen polling has the president at 50 percent approval. This is why real people living everyday lives do not care a whit about Russian collusion or strippers. They just want to be able to keep the wolves from their doors.

...The Democrats say they fight for the little guy—unless he is in the womb. They say they love choice—unless you want to choose a different school. They say they hate guns—but rely on armed guards for protection. They say they are tolerant—unless you disagree with them. Political correctness is just another form of censorship. They cannot put up a coherent argument, so they try to shut you up.

...Next time you hear how the NRA has the politicians in their pockets, think about these stats:

Total donations to lawmakers 2012-2016:

  • Planned Parenthood: $7,858,142
  • NRA: $3,254,694

Number of kids killed by organization members last five years:

  • Planned Parenthood: 1,962,514
  • NRA: 0

Percent of annual budget funded by taxpayers:

  • Planned Parenthood: 40 percent
  • NRA: 0 percent

Then, Planned Parenthood spends millions on support for Democratic candidates. In the private sector world, this would be called money laundering.

...Democrats fight for strict background checks for gun ownership while furiously blocking any attempt to put strict background checks on immigration or voting. Democrats are trying to ban smoking everywhere: offices, restaurants, parks, hotels, even apartments. No smoking anywhere. At the same time, they are trying to legalize marijuana smoking everywhere. They want you puffing away in the parks and streets. The only thing consistent is the inconsistency.

...Chuck Schumer spends 20 years leaving the border wide open and after 20 million illegals pour in, he asks, “What about jobs for Americans, Mr. President?” Then, after President Trump calls MS-13 members “animals,” this is what Schumer tweeted out: “When all of our great-great-grandparents came to America, they weren’t ‘animals,’ and these people aren’t either.”

I am sorry. I resent you comparing my grandparents to rapists and murderers.

Trump has driven the Democrats totally nuts. They are defending MS-13, Hamas, North Korea, Iran and caravans of people trying to break into our country. Their “new” better deal promises to rescind the tax reforms and, as Schumer has pledged, give the monies to the teachers’ unions. See point one.

...New York in the last 10 years: Governor resigns (Spitzer); governor ends re-election campaign (Paterson); comptroller imprisoned (Hevesi); four Senate leaders convicted (Bruno, Espada, Smith, Skelos); Assembly speaker convicted (Silver); 30-plus lawmakers have legal trouble.

Cuomo’s answer? Public funding of campaigns.

Under his leadership, New York has the most corrupt government in the nation. This governor and the former attorney general’s office spend their time and resources “resisting” Trump. They admit that is their mission. Now, Cuomo wants to send a flotilla to stop off-shore drilling.

...Ninety-five percent of Democrats endorsed Cuomo for the Democratic nomination to be governor—just like a Russian convention. However, last time out, Putin only got 77 percent of his party’s endorsements.

This is New York under Cuomo: The poverty rate is 18.5 percent, well-above the national average of 11.3 percent. The governor’s ban on fracking and support for the recently enacted $15/hour minimum wage are job-killers.

...Elizabeth Warren and other leading Democrats are bragging that they take no money from the NRA. Yet, not a single shooter has been an NRA member. However, reports show most of these shooters are on psychotropic drugs that cause violence. Yet, Democrats have no problem taking money from drug companies.

...Finally, it was announced that the Obamas have signed an eight-figure deal to produce shows for Netflix. From my favorite Twitter account, @MarkSimoneNY: “Just announced—some of the shows the Obamas will be producing for Netflix: ‘Better Call Saul Alinsky,’ ‘Real Housewives of the Swamp,’ ‘House of Race Cards,’ ‘The Benghazi Hillbillies,’ ‘I Spy.’ ”

This is what I say. What say you?