It’s all over but the shouting; the voting has ended, and the results are in: Depending on where you live, local elections are out of control. Not the part about casting ballots. The part about those mailers, ads and what-not telling you how to cast your ballot.

I don’t have any proof at hand that fake news has overtaken even town-level politics, though nothing would surprise any of us at this point, would it? Those kinds of back-and-forth allegations are perennial in Peekskill during election season, where politics takes on all the niceties of mixed martial arts. Apparently envious of its nearby municipality, Yorktown joined the fray this year, with some rough-and-tumble maneuvers by both major parties vying for control of town hall. They couldn’t even agree on where to debate, so each party held its own, which defies the simple math of debates, with one plus one equaling none. The good news for the candidates is that the only losers were the voters. As someone we all know likes to say, “Sad!”

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