As I perused the latest fashion magazine, I noticed something about the models.

They all had big eyebrows. Big, perfect eyebrows. Big, sculpted, perfectly groomed and arched eyebrows.

And I did not.

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Not that I’m comparing myself to a model, because that would be impossible on just so many levels. I could not make myself 6 feet tall, 115 pounds and willowy without a body transplant. But I could have fabulous brows. Apparently all I needed to achieve uber-eyebrows was a kit.

“This eyebrow kit has a dark wax to define and shape your brows along with a setting powder,” said the eyebrow lady at the eyebrow salon. “There is also a brush to create an arch for your brows and another to help fill them in. You also get a stencil to get the perfect shape and a lighter pencil to go under your brows to help highlight the arch. AND, there is a trimmer to help with the unruly eyebrow hairs that can’t be tamed.”

I looked at the array of tools and counted. All total there were seven items needed to achieve the perfect eyebrow. That was more than all the other products I used on my whole body every day. Still, I was curious to see what I would look like with fabulous brows, so I jumped in the beauty brow chair and let her work her eyebrow magic on me. When she was done, I actually looked like a supermodel… from the eyebrows up.

I was so excited, I bought the kit for a gazillion dollars and ran home to give it a try.

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