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Calendar of Events: Yorktown

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A Voice from the Past

It’s a Herculean task for most of us to disconnect from the relentless demands of daily life to take some time for self-reflection. Finally, in my quiet space, I was startled last week when I received a call from someone I hadn’t heard from in 49 years. Before I reveal whom the surprise caller was, let me set the stage by taking you back in time.

In the late ’60s, I was a ...


Welcome to 2019. I just got here myself, too.

I know we’re a week in already, but the statute of limitations on treating a new year like the New Year doesn’t lapse until the fat baby sings, or cries.

If “va-va-voom” means “interesting, exciting, or sexually appealing” (per, putting aside that last criterion, during New Year’s ...

Clan of the Cave Cricket

I’m not an expert on insects, but one day as I was on my way down to the basement with a big basket of laundry, something jumped out from under the stairs that was definitely not one of our pets or my children. Being a calm, suburban mom who can take most things in stride, I naturally shrieked, stumbled, and hurled the basket of laundry down the stairs.

“Aaaahhhh!” I yelled ...

A Rudderless Ship

January 11, 2019

The Dec. 27 article regarding business in Yorktown is telling as to the blind approach of the current administration toward economic development. It is simply foolish for Supervisor Gilbert to say on the one hand that “You don’t have a downtown or street scene,” yet, on the other hand, he continues to avoid the inherited Yorktown revitalization initiative, the aim of which was ...