1. Body Weight HIIT Workout
Happy Friday everyone! Start your weekend off with this HIIT workout, designed to get your full body engaged and guaranteed to make you sweat. YOU  GOT  THIS 
30 seconds for each exercise, repeat 2-3 rounds.
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2. Full Body Blast
We hope you are putting your health first today and everyday, and we’re happy to continue to help you do so! Here’s another full-body workout to keep your routine fresh. Complete 3 rounds and rest as needed in between.
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3. Abs Blast
A quick core blast is a solid way to end any workout! Do each of these exercises for 30 seconds and complete a total of 2-3 rounds. For an extra challenge minimize breaks in between.
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4. "Club Fit" Workout 
Get your workout in today while spelling out the name of your favorite health club! Do each exercise for 1 minute, going from one exercise directly into the next. Break in between rounds for 2-3 minutes and then begin again. 5 rounds total.
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5. Full Body Elevated Surface Workout
Try this workout from home using low to medium elevated surfaces, such as a couch, ottoman, or steps (we don’t recommend chairs, they fall over too easily!) 12-15 reps each, 4-5 rounds.
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