So many of us are struggling with being told to STAY HOME and a feeling of helplessness while there are thousands of dedicated doctors, nurses and hospital staff throughout Westchester County who are working long hours and in many cases double shifts, to save lives.  Last month, concerned northern Westchester residents and restaurateurs, wanting to help, joined forces with the group who started #FoodForTheFrontLine in New York City  so as to focus on providing expertly prepared-meals and fresh produce for employees at several hospitals that serve our local community.

Food or produce is not easy for the nurses and doctors to get during long 12-hour shifts, and even if a supermarket or restaurant is open, the doctors and nurses are trying their best to limit additional contact by going out in public. They are also not easily able to get to a grocery store to buy fresh fruits and vegetables to take home to their own families.  Even if they are able to go, by the time they get there, the shelves are close to bare. 

Many of the town restaurants that have chosen to stay open are family owned and operated. We want to support these restaurants, help them cover costs, and keep their already scaled back staff, mployed.  The produce suppliers are also suffering.  Money raised from this effort immediately going back into the local economy. The towns we are supporting restaurants in are: Somers, Pleasantville, Hawthorne and Thornwood. So far on board are: Three Little Pigs BBQ Hawthorne, Il Forno Somers, Rose Hill Deli, Trotta Food Thornwood, Silvio's Restaurant & Pizzeria Thornwood, Salsa Verde Somers, Mission Taqueria Pleasantville and Taste Deli Somers. Produce boxes being supported by Rengi Wholesale. 

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We have navigated the contacts at the hospitals to make sure they get through seamlessly either direct or with their Meal Train site. They are also working to guide us on produce and fruit suggestions for the "take home" produce boxes. 

The goal is 3-fold:
1. Raise money to spend locally at restaurants to keep staff employed and continue operation 
2. Send Food to the Frontline
3. Provide to-go "take home" produce boxes with fruits and vegetables

The Hospitals we are currently targeting are: (we are happy to add if there is a need)
1. Westchester Medical Center 
2. Phelps Memorial 
3. Northern Westchester Hospital 
4. Blythedale Children's Hospital 
5. Putnam Hospital 

Collectively we are all working TOGETHER while APART to make a difference during these unprecedented times and have delivered over 1000 meals and 200 take-home bags of fresh produce since we began on April 1.  Soon after we began this initiative, Eli Yates, a sophomore at Somers High School, joined our fundraising efforts by bringing the #frontstepsproject to Somers.  The FrontStepsProject was started in Boston as a way to connect people in these isolating times and raise money for local charities.  These photo sessions are short and sweet (5-10min) taken from at least 10 feet away of your family on your front steps and is a snapshot of this moment in history for your family.

If you would like to contribute funds to this effort, please go to to make an online donation.  Thank you.If you are interested in a FrontSteps photo with Eli, please message Brenda Keppler Yates via facebook to schedule your photo shoot.
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