Tips for keeping active while practicing social distancing

Now, more than ever, we need to practice self-care. That includes eating well, getting adequate sleep, and exercise. Exercise boosts immunity, reduces stress, and helps increase emotional resilience. While beneficial at any time, those effects are especially key right now.

If you are a regular gym-goer, you may find it difficult to maintain your normal activity levels during this time. It can be difficult to find space in your home to do your workouts, and we miss the camaraderie and support of our group classes. Club Fit has been engaging their members virtually, via social feeds, blog posts, emails, and the Club Fit app.

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You can follow Club Fit on Instagram and their Jefferson Valley and Briarcliff Facebook pages to view quick at-home workouts that can be done in limited space. Additionally, many Club Fit instructors have gone virtual, connecting with the community via online classes and Facebook live feeds. You can find more info and more workout and activity tips on their blog at

You can even sneak in some moves while watching TV. Briarcliff Personal Trainer Sean Weil suggests, “When the commercials come on, see how many pushups (either on the floor or incline using the couch or countertop) you can do during a 30-second commercial spot. Or for a real challenge, see how many you can complete through the entire commercial break!”

Walking is another exercise that requires no equipment, and can be done easily almost anywhere. Walking or hiking in a natural setting has the added benefit of reducing stress. Just remember to maintain physical distancing even when outdoors. Now is not the time to meet up with friends. Limit your walking and hiking group to yourself and members of your household only. And if you get to a local park or hiking trail and find it crowded, go elsewhere. Many local trails have already been closed or had access restricted due to persons not following social distancing guidelines.

As any busy parent can tell you, vigorous house cleaning definitely counts as a workout! We’re all cleaning even more than usual right now. Put on some upbeat music, enlist the kids, and make a fun activity of it! Yard work is another great way to keep active while enjoying a little fresh air and sunshine.

Experts recommend trying to follow as normal a routine as possible while you are staying home. It will help maintain a feeling of normalcy and also ease the transition back to your regular everyday life when the time comes.

We may be physically apart, but we are all in this together. Stay home and stay safe!