Tori Angelini had already been sharing her artistic creations on Instagram with nearly 28,000 followers. The sunlit photos feature her original craftwork—from tabletops to custom-carved and printed wood pieces of all sizes. 

After the artist and her husband Matt found a house in Yorktown that fulfilled their wishlist and purchased it in 2017, they decided to chronicle the home’s renovations on Instagram as well. They call it the 1815 House (@the1815house) and are in the process of lovingly refurbishing it to its full charm and glory.

“It is quirky and has good bones,” Angelini said. “We are going to try and keep it as much as possible like the original, but that being said, we are going to have to modernize it a little bit and we are working slowly but surely.” The Colonial-style house in the heart of Yorktown was previously the beloved home of the Kibbe family for nearly 60 years. It features wide plank floors, seven fireplaces, and includes a separate barn with horse stables that Angelini plans to transform into her work studio and gallery.

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“My dream would be one day to have the downstairs where there are currently stables, to be my studio space and my workshop; the upstairs would be like a gallery/event space,” she said. “ I could help other local artists and we could do collaborations, exhibits and installations; I think that would be really cool.”  Fixing up the house has been a journey back in time, as the husband and wife have discovered various photos and artifacts while renovating the over 200-year-old home. 

“There was a note in one of the ceilings dated 1842 [posted on Instagram] and we found a bunch of other items like shoes and bottles,” Angelini explained. When they feel that the house is ready, the couple hopes to include it in Yorktown’s historic homes tour.

Angelini, who grew up in New Jersey and had lived in the South for several years after receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Clemson University in South Carolina, pinpoints the time when she bought her first home and lacked the means to buy furniture, as the moment she decided to put her printmaking talents to work and begin building her own pieces. 

During that period, she developed and perfected a unique way to design and create images on wood; one she describes as having a “vintage touch” to it. She currently produces hundreds of cityscapes and skylines each year that are sold in shops—as well as custom-made items like headboards, wall pieces and even engagement and wedding photos (on wood blocks) that are ordered directly from the artist. Photos of those are featured on @toricangelini.

As for Yorktown, Angelini said she sees a bright future in her new town and hopes to attract and foster an even bigger artistic community—especially with a renovated barn and a future art space. 

“I love that the town has a very old school feel to it, but I also like that it is trying really hard right now to be up and coming,” the 28-year-old said. “We have all these new restaurants coming in, they are doing a bunch of renovations down the road—I am very excited, there is so much potential in this town; it is in a great location and I like it here.”