YORKTOWN, N.Y. – Determined to not repeat past mistakes, the Town Board recently called on Con Edison representatives to provide an overview of its multiyear construction project and to detail plans for the coming months.

At the board’s regular meeting Tuesday, April 17, ConEd engineer Daniel Nardo answered that directive, explaining the need for the company to eliminate a pressure division valve on Sunset Street that separates the system that supplies Yorktown and Cortlandt from the rest of the ConEd elevated pressure gas system in Westchester County. By combining the systems, he said, ConEd would be able “to provide gas service more reliably to the entire county.”

As part of that process, last year, the company began replacing a supply main on Gomer Street. According to Nardo, ConEd will immediately continue replacing the next 800 feet of the supply main on Gomer starting at London Street, where work came to a halt in the fall in the wake of complaints about conditions related to the project that former Town Supervisor Michael Grace declared had become “intolerable” for residents. The next phase will involve replacing the supply main another 2,000 feet, to Sterling Terrace. A staging area for excavating equipment and pipes will be designated along the north side of Sterling, Nardo said.

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