When you need a real estate agent, you want one who is savvy, knowledgeable and readily available whenever you need them. With the husband-and-wife team of Noreen Parrell and Wayne Kokinda you get all that and more.

With Noreen & Wayne—both William Raveis agents—you get two for the price of one with each Realtor bringing their own special set of skills to the table.

Both Noreen and Wayne boast a wealth of real estate experience. Noreen started her career in upstate Cortland in 2002.

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“I was very successful, but life changed; my mom passed away in 2005,” said Noreen, who grew up in Yorktown. “We moved down here to help take care of my dad.”

Wayne obtained his real estate in 1977 and worked in Rochester, N.Y. for a couple of years before he entered the corporate world and the field of purchasing.

“We moved to central New York in 2000 where I worked for the Marietta Corporation,” Wayne said. “We decided we wanted to do investment properties and we probably bought and sold a dozen or more properties. We were fixin’ and flippin’ before it was a TV show.”

Wayne decided that it was time to leave the corporate world and get back to real estate full time. But his time spent in purchasing would eventually become an asset for his real estate career.

“A lot of my background had to do with negotiation, which is a good skill to have,” he said. “And my education is in accounting, so I know numbers.”

In 2006, the couple decided to form an alliance and created Noreen & Wayne. A little more than two years ago, they joined William Raveis Real Estate.

 “I had to work for national franchises as most people know me as Mike & Lee’s daughter, not Top Producing agent,” Noreen explained. “We went through several companies before working with Raveis.”

Wayne is now based in Somers; Noreen works out of Yorktown. But they often collaborate and work with clients together.

“Our approach is to help people make their next move, not just into a house, but in life,” Wayne said. “Some are leaving the area; others have to downsize. Some have estate issues where mom and dad have passed or are moving on to a nursing home. It’s a big transition for a lot of people who are trying to make that next move.

“Our job as agents is to make that move as painless as possible versus other agents where it’s all about the transaction and the dollars,” he continued. “Our first question when we meet people is, ‘how can we best help you?’”

Noreen said they are “all about building relationships.”

In fact, the couple continues their friendships with their clients long after the transaction is complete. So much so, that they hold a client appreciation picnic with a pumpkin-picking party each fall.

Besides bringing that folksy, personal touch to the proceedings, Noreen & Wayne also offer an intimate knowledge of the real estate business with a keen insight into local markets.

“I could go into any market and in less than a week know that market” Wayne said. “The information is available to all real estate agents, but whether they look at and know how to interrupt it is another thing. I’ve been doing negotiations and I know numbers probably better than most. If you are good at it, you can understand the marketplace pretty quickly.

“Give me a week and I will know most neighborhoods,” he added. “We’ve sold properties in the Bronx, Yonkers and Rye above list in less than 30 days. Our experience enables us to understand a market in order to do the job you have been asked to do.”

Noreen said that having grown up in the Yorktown area, people know and trust her. They knew her parents, and the family was actively involved in the community.

“My claim to fame is I was a starting member of the St. Patrick’s Yorktown folk group for the church,” she said. “My parents supported and were active members in the Irish American Club in town and everyone knows me from that.”

The couple notes that they’re a team and their lives are fully dedicated to their profession.

“It’s not like a team that has five individuals who all live in different homes,” Wayne said. “Being a spouse, when we are working with a client, we can better facilitate what needs to happen.”

Noreen said when her and Wayne are working with couples, there is a strong synergy between them.

“When someone hires us, they get us,” Wayne adds. “You get our phone numbers; you don’t talk to our assistant to do something for you. Everything is Noreen or Wayne handling your business. We don’t pass it off to a third party.”

As for joining William Raveis Real Estate, the two say it was one of the best decisions they’ve made.

 “We were aware of William Raveis because they are one of the Top 10 companies nationwide and they’re privately held,” he said. “It’s a family-run business. They are all about their agents.”

The couple were named Top Producing Agents 2011-2019 and have been Westchester Magazine 5-Star Professionals from 2010 to 2019. Their specialties, in which they are certified, include senior real estate specialist, certified buyer representative, certified international property specialist, military relocation specialist and short sale and foreclosure resource specialist. It’s the type of resume you want working for you if you are planning to buy or sell a house.

To learn more, call Noreen at 914.406.5291 or Wayne at 914.406.5292.